How Our Story Began.

The staff at PRMS has both expertise and proven results to help your practice run more efficiently and profitably.

PRMS was started though the requests from physician’s offices that were having trouble with collections, difficulty in the conversion to ICD-10, lack of a Revenue Cycle Management process in the office, and denial issues with regards to claims submissions.


Our staff has been involved in Revenue Cycle Management in the hospital setting and now we have been called on more frequently at the practice level, either physician practices, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, durable medical equipment, pharmacy, and Nurse Practitioners that are branching out on their own to start individual and group practices. We have been asked to identify issues in a current practice and to help new practices, such as Nurse Practitioners, to start a practice from inception to fully functioning.




We Deliver.

What Makes us different?


Our experience in the field sets PRMS apart from the other organizations, as we understand Revenue Cycle Management and ICD-10 and can help bring the processes and attention to your accounts receivable that, in the past, only the larger healthcare organizations have had the ability to utilize. This has allowed us to utilize a consulting team that is comprised of Certified Coding Specialists (CCS), Registered Health Information Administrators (RHIA), and other coding specialists such as physician coding specialists (CCS-P) that can handle any size problem from claims submission to submitting data to CMS or other payers.


About Us

PRMS LLC has a professional staff qualified healthcare professionals that will properly manage your Accounts Receivables which will increase your cash flow and decrease your denials from the insurance companies. Moreover, PRMS is well versed in other forms of payment systems such as capitation, and global or block payments. In addition, our ability to manage your receivables will be evident in the reduction of the aging of your accounts Receivables.